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PAR38 LED – 8W eqv. to 65W

Product type: 6x 1.3W high power LED, power consumption 8W, E27 fitting.

This version can produce the same output as a 65W halogen PAR38 using just just a fraction of the energy it consumes.The minimum lifespan of these products is 8 times that of the traditional PAR38 bulbs!


  • Fitting Type: E27
  • Product Type: 6X1.3W High power LED
  • Power Consumption: 8W
  • Voltage:200-240VAC
  • Lifespan:30 000 hrs(min)
  • Beam Angle: 38 degrees
  • Weight: 180g
  • Colours: Neutral White (4200k)
  • Mounting/Connection: Standard E27
  • Size:12cm(Diameter) X 13cm(Height)

These products are a direct replacement for the traditional PAR38 bulbs, these super efficient LED PAR38s give great light output and offer excellent savings on energy costs.

lumens dependent on colour temperature (lm)

Specification 2500k 3300k 4200k 6200k
Regular 255 270 285 300
High 375 390 405 420
Ultra high 555 570 585 600

The bulbs contain absolutely no mercury, no UV, and are compliant with RoHS, UL, CE international safety standards..

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