Do I need to change my fittings?

No is the short answer – SEIBU UK LED’s are made to replace all existing light bulbs in circulation using existing fittings. If you view our product pages you will see all fitting types currently available for each product type. The replacement series encompasses most standard bulb fitting types however if you request a specific fitting type not displayed in our shop then please contact us at and we will do our up most to supply you with the product and fitting you request**.

The 4 main bulb fittings for UK home users are:

E27 – screw base.
MR16 – Two downward pointing thin pins.
GU10 – Two downward pointing thick headed pins.
B22 – Two short thin sideways facing pins.

**terms and conditions apply (price will be quoted once calculated, minimum order size, and increased delivery time will apply especially if one off production is required)..

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