This is how we grade the Light temperatures based on the Lumens and Total Light emitted. Light temperature is measured according to Kelvin (K) ratings.



This image shows the variance of colour temperatures



This image shows the different ranges in colour temperatures. Starting with Yellow Light at 2700k, Warm White at 3300k, Neutral White at 4200k and Cool White 6200k, these temperatures are available for each lighting product from SEIBU UK.

When you purchase our products you will be required to select the specific light colour you require as per our diagram.

Yellow is seen as “Normal” as in the light provided by a 60w Bayonet Bulb.

White light at 6200k is much brighter than the older style of lighting. The whiter lights have become desirable in many homes, offices, hotels, commercial buildings and outdoor lighting areas. It is proven to benefit productivity and learning capability in schools and offices.

N.B light temperature does not effect SEIBU’s bulb price..

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