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Case Study – Information

Realizing Energy Savings and CO 2 Reduction through World’s First “Building WithAll-LED Lighting”


On March 6, 2008, IDEC completed a new building (the IDEC SALESOFFICE) that is entirely illuminated by LEDs in an eco-friendly moveto pursue and realizeenergy savings and CO 2reduction. Many buildings that are partially lit by LEDs exist, but this is the first in the world in which all lighting is provided byLEDs*.(*According to research by Kajima Construction Corporation, Ltd.)


Accumulated Core Technologies and Technology Innovation

The completion of this All-LED building represents the implementation
of “Technology Innovation,” one of the “Four Beyonds” technology
concepts that IDEC is advocating as business themes. It was realized
through a combination of such IDEC technologies as photonics,
optoelectronics, and advanced control technology that IDEC has
cultivated over many years. This achievement has demonstrated the
reliability of IDEC’s super-bright, high-efficiency LED devices (the IDEC
Sunshine Series) and their potential in lighting applications.


LED Technology and Reduction of Environmental Impact

LEDs are known as an ecological light source that is friendly to the
global environment, but the roots of IDEC’s LED technology go back
to the high-quality, super-bright, and highly reliable industrial LED
illuminated control units that it began developing in 1981.
During the 27 years since IDEC developed those devices, it has shipped 157 million
LED illuminated control units and also contributed to a total reduction
of about 470,000 tons in CO 2 emissions. In 2000, IDEC received The
Japan Machinery Federation Chairman’s Award for excellent energysaving
equipment from The Japan Machinery Federation.


CSR Initiatives: Contributing to the Environment

IDEC’s new building, which is based on the concept of “buildings that
are friendly to the global environment,” was aimed first at reducing
environmental load starting with the reduction of CO 2 emissions. Through
the development of entire buildings illuminated by LEDs, IDEC will help
to mitigate environmental impact in the ways described below.











By leveraging its proven results in this area, IDEC intends to further
enhance the efficiency of the Sunshine Series. Furthermore, while
combining technological and environmental contributions, IDEC will
continue to evolve further as a company that exemplifies the Japanese
manufacturing tradition.