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Croft Acre Holiday Cottages

MR16Y-H in Daylight White in Croft Acre Holiday Cottage
This image shows the SEIBU MR16Y-H’s in use for corridor lighting.

Croft Acre Holiday Cottages in Gower have converted to SEIBU UK LTD – LED’s Lighting solutions. Saving Money, Energy and helping conserve the environment, through reducing there carbon footprint of there holiday homes. Well Done!

These LED’s allow the customer to save on both energy costs, maintenance costs and replacement costs.

These high performance version bulbs can produce the same output as a 35W halogen MR16 using just 14% of the energy it consumes and has a lifespan 11 times as long as the traditional halogen version! OMG!

SEIBU UK LTD replaced 42 Spotlights (Halogen MR16’s) with 42 SEIBU UK LED’s  this will allow a saving of £620.87 per year.

The LED lights pay for themselves in: 1 year

The Lifespan of the SEIBU LED products in use 6hrs/day: 13 2/3 years

Total money saved over the lifespan of SEIBU bulbs: £5919.90

All this saving for an initial investment of less than £600

**Saving based on average current energy cost

Would saving this amount of money and being more pro-active in reducing your CO2 emissions, through changing over your bulbs to SEIBU UK LTD – LED’s be something that would benefit your home or business, hotel, car etc?

YES?  Then get in touch 0800 0988 704 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0800 0988 704 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting or shop@seibulighting.com or select the products you require from our shop…

***T&C’s apply, the figures above are based on client specific data and include maintenance figures, and electricity costs and savings.

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